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Mal Low Tug WallPaper: "Persevere on Station"

In this image it's a cold March morning with a crystal clear, cloudless sky and a light Easterly just starting to feather the water. The boss has been jogging Persevere in place for about an hour and has spotted his hand-off tow behind the tug Contrarian (ex-Elsbeth) coming up about 3 miles off to the SSW on a course of 080T. He has just kicked in Persevere's big single CAT with a little left rudder; her responsive 63 ft. hull is beginning to show a little white froth from her prop wash and her exhaust plume is showing a little rich from the acceleration. She'll meet up with Contrarian in about 20 minutes to the SE on a course of 125T. In a few minutes he'll ring the galley and tell the Mate to break out the old 2" strap (after bringing up some coffee and talking strategy). He has been watching the action of the tow on the big radar and, with the light weather forecast, figures the older rig will be more than adequate today. She'll be on the hip all the way in. It was only last week management chewed his butt for his maintenance budget; easy for them, sitting onshore all day. 

Time to pause the Bob Marley CD and get on VHF13 to lineup with the approaching tug's Captain. Persevere's charge is the tailing one of four in an unmanned serial tow; she'll have to get alongside, pick off barge4, and then retrieve the other tug's bridle. If Contrarian's Captain agrees he plans to put Persevere's tow on her starboard side, bring barge4 alongside barge3, and let the Mate tie off the no longer needed bridle to one of barge3's midship bitts. A fair coordination of course and speed will be all that's needed today; the light wind and sea shouldn't be able to bust up the two barges while they're alongside each other for a few minutes. The course of the two tugs will keep Persevere in the lee; Contrarian has to keep enough way on to prevent the string from sagging too much and her tow in control while Persevere can work alongside into the wind. If there's an ownship problem the two barges will separate rather than be blown into one another. And with luck the Mate won't have to board barge3 from barge4, they're similar enough in profile to just throw a light line across and tie in the bridle slack, then let it go.

The Captain of the Contrarian agrees and, in fact, is already slowing a little in preparation for Persevere's approach. 

"Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?"... (Well, that's the way I saw it and it worked for me. --Mal)

There will be a quiz later! Persevere's Captain also had a plan ready if it turned out there was a screwup and barge2 or barge3 had to be cut out. Can you visualize what that might have been? If it happened that barge1 was Persevere's then it would have been simpler in some ways, with two good options. What were they?

There are three sizes of wallpaper available here for 1280, 800, and 640 horizontal bit sized screens. To install the wallpaper on your computer, download the image by opening it, right clicking on it, and using the "save image" command to save the image to a location on your computer that you can find easily.

These are large high definition images so your download may be slow depending on your internet connection.

1280 Screen: Persevere Wallp2.bmp
800 Screen: Persevere-Wallp86.bmp
640 Screen: Persevere-Wallp64.bmp
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Select the image from the list. If the image does not appear in the list, click the Browse... button and choose the picture you are trying to use as the Wallpaper. 
Choose OK. 
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Web browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer can, in one step, convert any image that appears on a web page into the Windows Wallpaper. To do this in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, right-click an image, then select Set as Wallpaper.
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Double-click Profiles, and then double-click the folder icon with your username beneath it. 
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