How to Order
All SmallTugs materiel can be purchased by U.S. Postal Money Order or by credit card through PayPal.
Each Design Set is priced at $24.00 ($US) ppd. for a plan set consisting of plan view, profile view, and builder's offset table.
A loose leaf bound Tutorial Set is also available and provides Planning, Lofting, Construction, and Scantlings Sections, as well as an Addendum. The Tutorial Set is priced at $40.00 ppd.
A Combo Discount is offered: Plan Set plus Tutorial Set for $54.00 ppd. This Combo price is a saving of $10.00 over the individual prices.
Special Military Discount: Plan Sets, Tutorials, and Combo Sets will be shipped at no charge except for postage to military addresses (APO, FPO, etc.).
All prices are for U.S. destinations and are $US; international postage will add a small surcharge to the total, dependent on country of destination. PayPal only is accepted for international sales, including Canada.
To order a Plan Set or a Tutorial or Combo please fill in the form that follows here. An invoice will be sent to you for your preferred method of payment, money order or PayPal. Do not make any payments until you receive an invoice.

You only need one Tutorial Set since they are applicable to all SmallTug designs. If you are an experienced builder you may not need the Tutorial Set at all.

Plans for the Pelagic ATB, Penelope, Portly, and Portly II are no longer available. Other Plan Sets may become unavailable at any time. Some plans are out of stock and will be available again ASAP. Prices are subject to change without notice as printing and binding supply costs change.

Wait for an invoice response to your email request before sending any payments. The invoice will either be in the form of a direct email with invoice as an attachment (for money order payment) or as a PayPal invoice sent by PayPal (for credit card payment).

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Please fill out the form completely, all items must be answered or checked.

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SHIPPING PAUSE: Our shipping Department will be closed from 23 March, 2013 thru 15 April, 2013. Any orders received during that period will be shipped the week of 15 April

Closed 23 March 2013 thru 15 April 2013

All checks and Money Orders should be made payable to "Mal Low".
NOTE: Because of current requirements by the EU for self-builders, we discourage purchases outside USA. Please read the FAQ No. 30.


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